Switch To Electronic Cigarettes Today And Experience These Unique Benefits!

Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

If you are a smoker, you are probably aware that smoking is becoming harder and harder these days. You can no longer just pull out a cigarette and start smoking anywhere. You cannot smoke in your local coffee shop, at work or in your own car. You even can no longer smoke at the bar, a place where many smokers considered a sacred smoking place.

Additionally, in an attempt to discourage smoking, the government keeps increasing taxes for tobacco products every budget year. This translates to higher cigarette prices for consumers. Many people are now finding e-cigars much cheaper and far much better than traditional cigarettes.

A wonderful alternative to smoking

Many smokers are now making the move to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that deliver nicotine to your body without tobacco and resemble traditional cigarettes. Certainly, these cigarettes are changing many lives. They are practical alternatives to traditional cigarette smoking.

In fact, many doctors recommend them for individuals who want to quit smoking but cannot be able to stop. Many smokers may be reluctant to make the switch to e-cigars since people are generally afraid of change. Nevertheless, once they read about the benefits, they may change their minds.

1. Escape many health risks

According to scientists, tobacco contains more than 50 toxic chemicals that result into various types of cancers such as lung cancer and other health complications. Continuous use of tobacco products such as convention cigarettes exposes you to these toxins and increases your chances of contacting these cancers. Many health experts say that for every cigarette you smoke, you chop off a few minutes of your life. Now imagine how many years you have lost if you have been smoking all your life. Smoking tobacco cigarettes gives your teeth an ugly yellow stain that can eventually lead to mouth cancer.

E-cigarettes on the other hand do not contain any percentage of tobacco. They comprise of an e-juice containing a base, a certain percentage of nicotine and flavors. This means, you can get your daily dose of nicotine, without consuming the harmful chemicals of tobacco. Up to this day, there has not yet been one case where a user contacted cancer because of smoking electronic cigars.

In fact, many health experts prove for a fact that the cigarette contains no harmful chemicals such as those from tobacco. Hence, switching to these cigarettes helps you remain healthy and extend your life by many years. Make the move today and start enjoying these benefits.

2. Enjoy a happier family

Many psychologists say that most heavy smokers do not have a good relationship with their families, especially if they are men. The major cause for this is the way smoking affects the personal hygiene of the person. Smoking tobacco cigarettes leaves a certain irritating and unpleasant smell on your body, clothe items, car and house.

Many people do not find this smell appealing hence tend to pull away from someone with such a smell. This includes mates of those who smoke. In turn, husbands and wives spend less time with each other, family ties begin to weaken, and happiness begins to disappear.

3. Avoid affecting others

With traditional cigarettes, there is risk of second hand smoking. As a smoker, you inhale fewer chemicals as compared to those around you who inhale the smoke you breathe out as w ell as one the cigarette burns. This means, if you smoke around your family, especially children, you will affect their healthy significantly, which will in turn take a toll on the happiness of the family not to mention the high hospital bills you will have to pay to get treatment for them.

E-cigars promote a healthier and happier family life. The gadget does not contain tobacco not produce smoke; hence, there is no risk of second hand smoking. The cigarette comes in many attractive flavors that will leave your mouth smelling wonderful. It does not produce tar thus; your teeth will always remain white and clean.

You will save yourself many dollars that you would have parted with at the dentist’s office or in a hospital. You will have sufficient money to provide for your family and you will shield them from your smoking habit. Your family will be strong and healthier than never before.


Jayden is an active blogger who specializes in health issues, especially smoking and recommends that the best alternative to tobacco smoking is electronic cigarettes.