Uses of BIC Custom Pens

Uses of BIC Custom Pens

BIC custom pens are commonly used as corporate giveaways and memorabilia. They may serve as typical writing tools, but they come in rather unconventional designs. These pens do more than just write; they also promote a name or brand.

But what exactly are the uses of BIC promotional pens? They may be often taken for granted, but they do help in bringing a company to life.

Well, if you’re going to look at such pens, you will see that they are designed almost the same way as the mass produced pens that can be bought in the store. However, these pens come with specific labels, such as the name of and logo of a company. You can say that these are limited edition pens, as they are given away only during special occasions, and only to selected recipients.

One major use of BIC custom pens is that of brand recall. Brand managers don’t really expect recipients of these pens to use them for writing per se, but the mere fact that they’re carrying the pen is already valuable. This is because when these individuals are seen with a custom pen at hand, they are immediately associated to the brand whose logo is on it.

Another important use of BIC custom pens is service orientation. Today’s marketing trends include promoting quality service, and some businesses have found using pens to showcase what they can do. Of course, users are able to give positive impression about the company whose name is laced on the pens when they are satisfied with the way pen functioned. With that said, businesses cannot just rely on any promotional pen manufacturer in the market; they have to get the best in town, and that includes BIC.

BIC custom pens are also used to represent brand association. This becomes apparent when the pens are handed to company employees, as they are reminded of the brand which they are working for. In this case, the pens become more of a morale booster, as they provided a sense of belongingness between the company and its employees. Employees feel proud when they are using items with the company name on them, from lanyards to mugs, and even pens.

There are also instances when BIC custom pens are used as easy prizes. They can be given away not only to intended recipients, but also to individuals who participated in games and raffles. These pens can be used as consolation prizes, or as special rewards to show company gratitude and appreciation.

Lastly, these pens can be used for corporate memorabilia. Companies do not always use promotional pens for their giveaways. There are those who order custom pens to celebrate their founding anniversary, or during holidays. While they do order a big amount of promotional pens, these run out over the course of time. If you’re an avid collector of corporate memorabilia, then you will definitely find it a must to own a few pieces of BIC custom pens-you can use a few and keep one or two to serve as collector’s items.