How to Sell a Dental Practice Using Social Media

How to Sell a Dental Practice Using Social Media

Are you a dentist who is about to embark on your golden years of retirement? Then you are most likely getting ready to sell your practice. While advertising your practice in newspapers and professional publications is what many dentists do, today there is a growing number of dental practice for sales being advertised online at the various social networking sites.

Here is a guide to help you advertise your dental practice for sales using the power of social media. With the majority of adults today using social media to connect with others, it only makes sense to advertise your practice for sale on sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter that is once you’re viewed as a practice that is using social media to be social and not just to sell!

Get Signed Up and Connected

Naturally, you’ll have to establish yourself on the social media sites you plan to use so go to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and create an account on each for your practice. Next, you need to find and engage with people so ask your patients, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to follow you. You can do this via your website or verbally in-office or both.

Send out Tweets that Showcase Your Practice

To find the right people on Twitter to follow that many be looking for dental practice for sales, use a tool like Twellow, the so-called “Twitter Yellow Pages” which is a search directory that helps you find people by area of expertise, profession or other attributes listed in Twitter profiles. Once you have a decent following, tweet about new dental procedures you’re excited about and focus on showing people that your dental practice is thriving. You don’t want to appear desperate to sell so find your comfort zone and tweet about topics you think will interest people such as new dental procedures you’re using. Twitter is not all about “sell, sell, sell” but rather a short messaging service that’s designed to help like-minded people be social with one another.

Sell Your Practice Visually on Pinterest

The very popular and relatively new Pinterest is proving to be a great way to advertise dental practice for sales. On this pin-board style photo sharing site, you have the opportunity to sell your practice via photos. You can provide visitors to your Pinterest page with a visual experience of your practice, staff and services that can translate into more patients and hopefully even an interested buyer. Let your current patients, staff and colleagues know you’re on Pinterest and encourage them to follow and share your pins with others.

Be Social on Facebook

While you may not think of Facebook as a place online to find dental practice for sales, you could very well use this leading social networking site to market your practice. Once you’ve established yourself on Facebook and have a decent following, you can inform your followers of your intent to sell. Then ask them to share photos of your practice and other info you post with their friends on Facebook. Again, focus on being social and on offering your followers interesting information about dentistry, upcoming practice events and other topics of interest. The key to using Facebook successfully is to engage socially and to provide your followers with information they’ll find valuable. It’s perfectly OK to ask your Facebook followers to share the news of your dental practice for sales once you’ve been regularly interacting with them. Learn more about the importance of social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube in creating a perfect and loyal customer base for your health-related services or products, on this website: