Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With Government Money

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With Government Money

Global warming is a topic that is up for debate and has powerful people on both sides of the issue.  One thing that is not debatable is the rising demand for energy and the skyrocketing costs that go along with a rise in demand.  In a time when homeowners are struggling to pay their mortgages and other house hold bills, rising energy costs are a cause for major concern.  We live in a digital world, where staying connected via multiple electronic devices is a way of life.  This lifestyle makes it difficult to cut back on the amount of energy we use so we need to find other ways to lower our energy costs.  One of the best ways to do this is to find new ways to update the way we receive power and the efficiency of the appliances we use in our homes.

Upgrading your home with more Eco-friendly products can make a huge impact on your power bill that can save you money every month.  The easiest upgrade you can make in your home is replacing older style bulbs with new more energy efficient light bulbs.  Another way to reduce that amount of energy your need to consume is to upgrade your home’s appliances by replacing outdated ones with new energy star certified machines.  Every new appliance you invest in will decrease the amount of energy you need to live in comfort.  Refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and washer machines are constantly being updated by their manufacturers to provide higher performance with less power intake.

Sometimes upgrading the appliances in your home is not enough.  If you really want to make a positive impact and reduce your long term energy costs, you should invest in clean energy to power your home.  Geothermal, wind and solar power are all forms and newly developing energy.  If you invest in a system for your home you will not need to rely on power from the grid and you will be able to more accurately predict the cost of powering your home in the future.

These systems can seem costly to install when you first begin to look at the numbers, however, with a little research you may find that the initial investment will be returned more quickly than you ever imagined.  In the United States, the government has recognized that we as a country need to become more energy independent.  This means finding new ways to power everything from our homes and businesses, to our automobiles.  One of the ways the government is encouraging people to invest in these new and cleaner types of energy is by providing tax breaks to anyone who takes the initiative to upgrade their homes.

Tax credits for energy efficient upgrades are being offered on both a federal and even state level in many areas of the country.  Homeowners who are building a new home and those who want to upgrade their existing residence both qualify for these tax incentives.  In some states the tax credits you receive from making these upgrades can end up covering as much as ninety percent of your investment.  For this reason, the seemingly high costs associated with building a green energy system for your home are quickly off set by both short term tax breaks and a great reduction in your long term energy bills.