Dress To the Nines with a Twist

Dress To the Nines with a Twist

If you are an eligible bachelor looking for love, romance or just someone to share an evening with, take advantage of the best opportunities to meet people. Formal events though they may seem stuffy and unnatural, are amazing venues for new relationships for a few reasons. First of all, formalities tend to create tension because of uncertainties about social protocol. How do I act during a toast? What do I say when someone who I cannot remember knows my name? Am I wearing the right thing? These kinds of trivial anxieties are an open door for someone like you to come along and break the ice.

Here are some simple tips that will help lead the way.

1. Dress to the nines, with a twist!

Just because you are at a black tie affair, doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Sometimes dressing a little more conservatively intrigues the imagination, especially if you use a little flair. If you’re wearing a suit, a bow tie might give it a fun little kick. If you’re just sporting a well-tailored button-down shirt, try a more formal tie. If you’re not the type of guy to go out shopping, men’s bow ties and silk ties for men are easy to buy online. Voila, you look smart!

For more ideas about modern formal attire, check out an online retailer, like Vineyard Vines, or the formal wear section of a magazine.

2. Smile! (It’s that easy!)

Weddings, anniversary parties, office ceremonies and holiday events all have one thing in common. They want to inspire optimism, celebration and happiness. These things are best accompanied by a relaxed attitude and a smile.

If you aren’t feeling outgoing, talk to a friend or family member and think of a joke or a funny story to tell. Make sure that what you say is not at the expense of someone else or aimed to bring anyone down. This way, you will appear engaged, positive and fun. Upbeat thoughts and conversation inspire positive reaction. Who wouldn’t want to ask for your number?

3. Remember that chivalry is alive.

These days, basic manners and politeness are sometimes overlooked. It’s never too late to start offering to grab someone a beverage, share your spotlight on the dance floor or help an older person find their way to the buffet. Focus less on yourself and more on helping other people, and you will be less nervous, more alive and extremely attractive. Kindness is both helpful and contagious. Open the door for someone and a door will open for you.