Install An Old Partition In A New Hard Disk

Install An Old Partition In A New Hard Disk

The idea of installing an old partition on a new hard drive is a kind of task that people are reluctant about. However, sometimes situation becomes inevitable and you are left with no way, other than installing an existing partition in a new drive.

Problems that are faced during changing the partition:

Partitions are little fussy to deal with and it is a world famous fact. While installing a partition, you have to copy all the information that you could see in the drive. It could be files, programs or settings.

Many times, it has been noticed that fresh installation of programs are required, which makes the job tiresome. We have few tips to share with you regarding the installation of old partition in a new hard drive. Have a look at them and find whether these tips are effective or not.

Choose a disk imagining program

Disk imagining programs will form an image of your hard drive partition and copy the same in the destined hard drive. Right from the data file to the partition setting, it has a capability of copying the entire disk. In our opinion, AcronisTrueImage is one of the best tools to carry out this task.

Why is Acronis True Image considered to be a good tool?

There are unfortunate cases, when image misses out on important settings of the old drive partition, but Acronis True Image doesn’t give any chances for such things to happen. It copies all the registry keys of the drive partition. So, you can be sure of copying the entire partition.

When this tool copies your files, it copies the file in ‘boot.ini’ format. These are the root files and can be located at the boot drive. So, whenever these files are copied into a new hard drive, they will be directly available from the boot drive.

Planning the set up of your new hard disk is a crucial step

When you’re copying the existing drives to a new hard disk, make sure that the boot drive of your new hard drive has the same capacity as the previous one, from which the partitions are copied. Generally, boot drive is denoted as ‘C:’

It is not a very difficult task to carry out this process. However, we would suggest you not to initiate this task, if you do not have any knowledge about formatting and partitioning of the hard drive. Learn more about different methods to recover deleted data or files, the on this website: