Why Music and Arts Are So Important for Young People

Music and arts are important learning tools that can be used to improve student’s performance in many aspects. Music is known for having a lot of benefits in our lives, and you can play different music at different events be it a happy or sad one. Art, on the other hand, is known for its beauty of creating unique things that never existed before and it is a great way of expressing ideas. Music and arts have enormous benefits for young people in the following ways.

Brain development

Music can help in brain development, which is essential for young people. Music stimulates the brain in a powerful way because of the emotional connection that we have with it. Playing an instrument integrates multisensory information such as hearing, vision, and movement, and it keeps the brain alert. Music is therefore known for helping to increase reaction times in young and older people and musicians are known for having better tactile, auditory, and audio-tactile reaction times.

Enhances creativity

Art is about creativity, and exposing young people to art can help them develop and take these skills to a whole new level in life. Arts contribute to growing the economy through production. Everything new that has been developed is the result of a creative brain. Music, movies, advertisements, and other products come from creative artists and they earn income from their creativity. Such creativity and skills in art can lead to working on creating animations, storyboards, and captivating advertisements like those done by ilustra. You will see the power of creativity transforming your business or becoming an occupation you can live off of.

Improves language and learning skills

Music and art simplify and make learning more enjoyable for young people. The rhythm and repetitive patterns in a song make it easy to remember, and a child will get the sound patterns easily before learning the words, which improves the rate of speech development. Listening to music opens up both sides of our brains, making it easier to remember information. Learning a foreign language becomes easier with music because it gives you a superior ability to perceive, process, and reproduce an accent.

Enhances critical thinking

Critical thinking is applied in our daily lives to make defensible judgments, and you can develop this skill through art. Critical thinking helps you to make rational decisions from the available information by drawing different interpretations rather than following gut impulses. Critical thinkers are known to be great leaders and also have great social skills. Drawing, sculpting, and painting develop the visual-spatial skills that are useful in learning how to interpret and use visual information.

Developing confidence

Music and art can be used to boost a person’s confidence because they can evaluate their improvement as they continue to practice. Students who engage in arts and music also perform better in other studies and are likely to develop discipline in every field. It also develops the interest to stay in school, which helps the students achieve their dreams.


Arts and music develop lifetime skills that help in improving the quality of life. They have created many jobs, and the income that they contribute to the various economies whether directly or indirectly is significant.