Why Is SoundCloud The Best Platform For Music Promotion?

SoundCloud is one of the most useful platforms for boosting your music perspective and reaching fans and followers.

The difference between YouTube and SoundCloud is immersive, and even though most people think that YouTube is a way better channel, according to users and experienced music promoters, SoundCloud has become the best platform that will help you get to your audience.

Obviously, with YouTube, you will be able to post a music video and give the ability for the audience and fans to understand you better than listening to audio alone. You can also display audio on YouTube by implementing some appealing cover or animation.

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However, YouTube is not that good for SoundCloud, and we will explain to you why:

  1. Music Videos Are Problematic and Expensive

It does not matter if you are indie or major artist, sometimes it will be quite challenging to make a video that will work and be appealing to your fans.

The main reason for that is that the production value for unsigned artists is much lower than major ones, mainly because you have to spare a hefty price tag for it.

Of course, exceptions are rare but still exist; however, in the HD and 4K era, low budget videos have become unappealing for fans and people.

Even though this is not the norm, as an indie artist, you have to think about different probabilities especially when it comes to making a video that will appeal to your fans.

The question you should ask yourself is how many times you can do it. For instance, if an album features 12 songs, you should put at least two videos and promote it further.

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You can get away with a few low budget videos, thing we wish to ask is whether that will help you reach more audience or not, mainly because you will have to spare a few thousand dollars per video.

So is this realistic and smart, and can you save money and build an audience? Another issue is that you may not know about which song you should shoot a video for.

You can decide based on your gut instinct and what other people say, but that is taking the risk of getting a video for the song, which is not hit.

You should consider ladder approach by getting SoundCloud tools that will help you reach more audience with single, audio, or album, without spending thousands of dollars and risking your wellbeing and future.

  • Social Networking Effect

When we compare YouTube with SoundCloud, we can easily say that the first one is not social media but a search engine. Even though you will be able to see viable metrics and views, that is it, and you will not have social networking effects similarly as on other music sharing platforms.

For instance, when you use Twitter, when you retweet or make a viral statement, that will show up in your timeline and other people that follow you will see it and engage with it.

For instance, Oscar tweet from Ellen in 2014 was the most retweeted tweets of all time, and it reached more than three million times. More retweets you have, more people will see you in the long run.

That will also provide you the user engagement and other metrics that will allow you to plan your next campaign. YouTube videos will present your videos, but it will not engage the viewer to enter your social media page.

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This is when it falls when it comes to music promotion. Even though it can go viral on YouTube as the result of social media sharing, SoundCloud functions differently:

  • It Will Allow Your Fans To Repost – As soon as you upload the track on SoundCloud, you will enter the platform that will provide your social media effects through likes and reposting possibilities, which is similar as an example we presented you above with Twitter.  When someone decides to repost your song that will show up on their page as well as stream and the more reposts it gets, the more exposure will have as a result. That is the full potential of this particular music-sharing platform.
  • It Is Cheaper to Create Audio Than Video – You do not have to make expensive investments when it comes to recording audio especially opposed to making a music video. That will save time, effort and money of creating a video, and instead, you can put the same amount, and less so that you can make a better song and promote it wisely. It is simple to understand the lyrics of the song: Video Killed the Radio Star when you see what YouTube did to the music industry.

Can You Be Noticed On SoundCloud?

If you are an unknown artist and you wish to start promoting your original work, this is the best platform for you. It is a social media network that features numerous artists and fans posting their music, and even major label artists and managers are looking into it.

Therefore, you can have in mind that it is a competitive platform, which means that the primary goal of your song should be to promote it as best as you can. The great way to do it is to message real accounts that feature large following and which is devoted to your genre for reposting.

You should stay away from messaging groups especially if they accept your submissions and no one listens to them. It does not matter if you enjoy making hip-hop or electronic music, because you will be able to get the fan base that will help you take your artistry to a new level.

If you have in mind that the promotion of music changed from the start of the music industry, you should find ways to use everything you can. Today, everyone could get prominent with proper tools, promotion strategy and of course good songs.