Prepare for Business Headshot

Pictures are a kind of way to preserve precious memories, but also the way to present ourselves to others. Even in the business world, both employers and employees realized the importance of a good shot. Professionally done photography on your business profile or business card can leave a great first impression on your clients.

In modern marketing, a great photo is definitely something that will attract customers to a product or service (read here). The same goes for both employees and job seekers. Investing in a professional headshot will help them create unique and outstanding profiles to attract the attention of possible clients or employers.

Do Preparation

Business portraits are usually presenting the upper body, with focus on face and posture. However, some business area also requires full-body photos (jobs requiring uniforms, for example, stewardesses). That’s why the selection of the photo outfit is essential. It has to make you ‘aesthetically acceptable’ to business standards, giving the impression of professionalism. But it has to be clothes that reflect your personality and character.

Men should shave right before shooting. As for ladies, discreet makeup and neatly tied hair will do. If you work (or looking for) a job that allows a casual dress code, you can let your hair down. Keep in mind that heavy makeup often doesn’t look nice in photos. It’s enough to cover minor defects, such as pimples and freckles (for the rest, there is Photoshop). If you can, leave your hair and face to the professionals.

Strike a Pose

Some people are naturally talented for posing in front of the camera. Others should practice. Although this seems very easy, especially for business headshots (‘just cross your hands and do not laugh’), it’s not that simple.

First, it’s okay to smile in your professional headshots. You don’t have to grin. Smile with your eyes. A mild, discreet smile will make your photo look way better. Clients and employers look for someone easy to work with. And what says ‘I’m friendly and cooperative’ better than a smile?

Check the website for more tips on how to look good on photos:

You will find your ‘good side’ for photography by practicing in front of the mirror. Although it can’t give you precisely the same perception as the photographer has over the lens, you can use it to work on your facial expressions, look for the best pose, and notice the disadvantages that need to be hidden (maybe you have one eye  smaller, or you get tiny wrinkles when you get to smile).

Prepare Mentally

Another way to be ready for the shooting is mental preparation. First, you need to relax. So do something that makes you feel good – sing, meditate, walk around. It is imperative that you feel comfortable and without tension during shooting. Some people are too shy and have some sort of mental blockade, so they just can’t be natural while shooting.

Do not get annoyed even if something doesn’t go well. Remember that you can always delete or change every photo you made. Professional photographers have patience and guide you through the shooting. They will make even a hundred shoots until you are completely satisfied.

Look for a Professional Photographer

A good photographer should emphasize your virtues and turn your ‘bad sides’ into virtue. None of us are perfect, so the ideal photo doesn’t exist. But there is the one that is professionally made. When choosing photographers, it is best to get informed about their work. A look at the portfolio (you can find them online too) is enough to see if it suits you or not.

Also, do not be fooled by experience. Many who work very briefly often have much better work quality than the ‘veterans’ in photography. The reason for this is the knowledge of modern technologies, the new styles, and techniques they use, etc. If you recognize the skills of newbies in capturing the best image, give them a shot.

And in the end, you get what you paid. The price is mostly the one that determines the choice. You should know that professional photographers are not cheap. Well, when you already pay, try to choose a photographer whose work you like.