Best Streaming Services for Quarantine

Stuck at home during quarantine is a time filled with anxiety, fear, isolation, and boredom. The best way to keep cabin fever away is to remain as busy and stimulated as you can. You might not be able to enjoy all of your hobbies, meet your friends and family, and even nip out to the shops. Instead, you may be forced to spend a lot of time alone.

Home entertainment isn’t an area that most people worry to perfect. That is, until 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic swept over the world to force hundreds of millions of people to stay indoors. It has changed the way we work and play. Home entertainment has taken on a totally new perspective. Which are the best ways to keep yourself entertained? Do you stream TV shows and movies? To find the best service, you should read streaming services reviews of customers that share their insights, feedback and experiences on platforms such as Reviews Bird.

1) Netflix:

Netflix is the current leader in the world of streaming services not just in Britain but around the world. You can stream TV shows and movies on your big-screen TV at home, via your laptop at the office, on the bus to work on your smartphone: it is easier than ever now to be entertained by the biggest Hollywood stars. While in quarantine, you will be able to binge watch on any TV series that grabs your attention in 4K resolution. You can watch popular shows such as Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Sinner, Marriage Story, The Irishman and hundreds more at any time. The subscription fee is very reasonable. Make sure you have an uncapped and unshaped broadband connection.

2) Amazon Prime Video

This is a great alternative to Netflix. It is streaming more and more content each month as it signs up more TV series and movies and commissions more of its own TV shows too. The Grand Tour is still one of their biggest hits and is a favourite around the world. The content is delivered in crisp 4K resolution and you’ll be able to stream your favourites such as The Office, South Park and The X-Files while you can also discover their original shows such as Tales from The Loop, the Marvelous Mrs Maisel, and The Boy. You can also select channels to add to your Amazon Prime Video account for specific subjects, themes, and content.

3) Disney+

This one might surprise you on this list, but Disney’s streaming service has climbed the ranks in recent months to offer value, quality and entertainment to rival Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There are only 500 movies and 350 TV shows in their library, but that is more than enough to get you through any length of quarantine. From shows from National Geographic, to Marvel, Pixar, and 21st Century Fox, you’ll enjoy The Simpsons, classic Disney movies, and the best in animation from Pixar’s studios such as Monsters Inc. and more. You can create different profiles for different members of your family, too. There really is something for everyone on Disney+ right now.