3 Types of News Regarding Bollywood Celebrity


Do you always wonder how do celebrities live their life? Is their life luxurious and always happening? Only stars can give suitable statements to this question. So, people have come up with a concept called Bollywood celebrity news. The news covers only those things that are related to the life of celebrities; many times, it involves both personal and professional matters related to them. So, this way, fans can understand the things happening in the life of celebrities. However, there are many pros and cons related to the information provided on the news.

Types of News Covered

There are numerous types of news that people cover all around the world. However, celebrities have to undergo their kind of communication.

Professional News

The professional news would cover the things related to the professional life of celebrities. For example, it would include all the things related to their movies, dance, music, and new releases. People often like to know about the upcoming film of their favorite celebs. So, the news would include such things related to them. Moreover, the report can also cover things where the celebrity was involved in music apart from acting. If the star has started some charity or production house, then a professional report can include that.

Personal News

The personal news can cover news related to the private life of celebrities. For example, if they got involved in a scam or some rowdy movements. Also, it would include the things where the star might have bought an expensive car or house. Many times, the news channels go to an extent where they calculate the annual income of the celebs also. However, there are some things like the relationship status of the celebs, which also get highlighted in the news.

Interview News


The person does not have to worry about following the celebs to take their comments on some things. The celebrities themselves ask for interviews where the host can ask them questions related to anything. However, the meeting would mostly involve matters related to their movie promotion. If the interview host is smart, then they can cover the news apart from the movie promotion.

There are many news channels and magazines that can thrive to cover all Bollywood celebrity news. Moreover, they make their living on such news broadcasts only.

News Channels

The news channels have to cover all the national news. However, there is not much national news that they can broadcast for 24 hours. So, the news channels indulge in different things such as sports, international, and Bollywood celebrity news. Moreover, people are more interested in celebrity news, which would help in increasing the TRP of the channel. Thus, all the news channels such as Aaj Tak, India News, News 18, and others have a segment related to celebrity news. The sections primarily rely on the Bollywood gossip in which the people are most interested. Thus, the channels need to have such parts to make the people aware of such news.

News Magazines

There news magazine which is dedicated to different sections and areas. For example, India Today is famous for general knowledge news, and Safari is renowned for travel news. Similarly, some magazines are dedicated to Bollywood celebrity news.

  • The leading magazine which displays all the celebrity news would be Filmfare. The magazine focuses on the life of celebrities from all the entertainment sections, such as music, direction, actors, and others. The stars even perform interviews and photoshoots, which helps them in appearing in the magazine.
  • The other famous magazine is Stardust. The magazines cover not only Bollywood news but also Tollywood news. The stars become popular with the help of the report printed in the magazines.
  • Femina is one of the famous magazines that cover the news. Moreover, the magazine conducts India’s biggest competition, called Femina Miss India. The winner then represents India at various games world-wide.
  • Verve magazine is somewhat similar to Femina magazine. It not only covers news related to the life of celebrities but also associated with fashion. The person would know the latest trends in fashion, clothing, and jewelry.
  • Men’s magazine revolves around men’s fashion clothing. So, the person can understand the trending clothes in the men.

Pros And Cons Of News


  • The person gets to know about the life of celebrities.
  • If the celebrities share their daily routine, then their fans would know about the hardships in their life.
  • The people would also get to know the things that they need to follow in the diet to reduce or maintain weight.
  • The people can know about various forms of exercise and work out routine.


The cons would be majorly applicable to the celebrities and not to the people.

  • The celebrities cannot get privacy in their life because they would be under the cameras always.
  • Moreover, they cannot have a private moment with their loved ones because people have to cover them for the news.
  • If the celebrity says something wrong, then people would troll them on social media and would make their life miserable.
  • Their romantic life would remain private, and they cannot enjoy their moments.
  • The primary point is that people would judge them everywhere. No matter how many charity or other things they do, they would be judged for everything.
  • They have to maintain themselves, or people would troll them for being unfit and unhealthy.

Thus, there are many ways for people to know the Bollywood celebrity news. The person can choose the way which they think is suitable for them. For example, they can have a news channel in their cable package, which would help them in staying updated. They can also have a subscription to magazines, which would help them in getting the latest updates. Furthermore, the person also needs to understand the pros and cons of the subject, which would affect the life of the celebrity. Moreover, the person should not depend on it so much that it starts governing their lives. They should have their own identity also.