Kindness and Positivity at Work and in Life

The saying goes that you reap what you sow, and that rings true in the kind of character you project. Whether you’re at school, home, work or anyplace else, always be kind to everyone you meet. Even when problems arise in your relationships, it’s important to keep your composure and not lash out at the other person. Calmness and kindness go a lot farther than you think.


Although workplace disputes are inevitable no matter where you go, it can be difficult to think it over like a rational, calm adult instead of like a Heather Parry. If you’re feeling like an interpersonal issue at work has reached new heights and you’re fighting to keep your cool, it’s time to talk to HR.

  • When explaining your issue to your HR rep, try to be as neutral as you can. Don’t tilt dramatically in one direction or another: Simply explain the facts and let your rep take it from there.
  • Maintain a civil attitude at all times towards the other person. It can be very hard to keep your temper in check, but remember that you don’t want things to get worse. Your rationality will speak volumes when the actual

Here it is a row of Romantic Hotels in Bangkok

Bangkok has many romantic experiences. Although almost all of the streets in Bangkok may be jammed, chaotic and filled with traffic, there are plenty of places to stay and romantic hotels in Bangkok for your vacation and most of these places have their privileges.

Hotel Solitaire

Solitaire remains a top favorite for romantic hotels in Bangkok because it has a luxury suite overlooking the river and fantastic personal service. This hotel is located in Bangkok and is only 45 minutes away from attractions located around the Solitaire Hotel, Solitaire hotel is the best 4 star hotel bangkok, in addition to affordable prices, the facilities available at the Solitaire hotel are fairly complete. What are you waiting for, immediately book a room at the Solitaire Hotel right now?

Villa Chakrabongse

You can also try staying at Villa Chakrabongse, a small villa which is the former home of a prince and truly worthy of a royal stay. For a choice of locations for sightseeing and local attractions, you don’t need to go far because the hotel is located close to Rajinee Pier, Wat Pho Temple, Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho).

Praya Palazzo

To avoid the crowds, try to enjoy …

Prepare for Business Headshot

Pictures are a kind of way to preserve precious memories, but also the way to present ourselves to others. Even in the business world, both employers and employees realized the importance of a good shot. Professionally done photography on your business profile or business card can leave a great first impression on your clients.

In modern marketing, a great photo is definitely something that will attract customers to a product or service (read here). The same goes for both employees and job seekers. Investing in a professional headshot will help them create unique and outstanding profiles to attract the attention of possible clients or employers.

Do Preparation

Business portraits are usually presenting the upper body, with focus on face and posture. However, some business area also requires full-body photos (jobs requiring uniforms, for example, stewardesses). That’s why the selection of the photo outfit is essential. It has to make you ‘aesthetically acceptable’ to business standards, giving the impression of professionalism. But it has to be clothes that reflect your personality and character.

Men should shave right before shooting. As for ladies, discreet makeup and neatly tied hair will do. If you work (or looking for) a job that …